The Leading Light.
Made in Italy. Since 1994.

Product group :
Table Lights, Free-standing Lights, Suspended Lights, Chandeliers,
Wall-mounted Lights, Ceiling-mounted Lights.

Started by gathering some of the greates international designers, such as Mendini, Cibic, Dalisi, Garro, Munari, the "SlampTube" was born in its many graphical versions. Since then SLAMP's growth has never stopped, so much today it is one of most representative brand-names in the field of decorative designer lighting; an actual point of reference for anyone wishing to posses a much sought-after, original, exlusive object, yet within everyone's reach.

Slamp's aim was to create something new in the Italian design arena: a business that could offer high quality lamps, where an artisan's eye to detail would meet the excellence of industrial production.

Designers :

Jonas Clementoni,
Nigel Coates,
C. Croce,
Elisa Giovannoni,
Zaha Hadid,
Elodie Longo,
 Luca Mazza,
Pagani Perversi,
Ines Paolucci,
Stefano Papi,
Francesco Paretti,
Adriano Rachele,
T. Ragnisco,
Bruno Rainaldi,
A. Spalletta,
Daniele Statera
M. Wijffels,
Zanini de Zanine.