The Italian Essence. Contract Furniture designed in various materials.
Made in Italy. Since 1963.

Product group :
Chairs, Bar Stools, Tables, Home Office Desks, Garden Seating & Tables,
Complementary Furniture.

The Italian furniture company PedraliSpa produces chairs and tables made of wood, plastic, metal, stainless steel, coated in leather, rawhide. Besides that, they also produce for large scale projects such as hotels, flats and restaurants, making stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum under frames for bars. Design adaptable for both home and projects.
Design shouldn't be the privilege of well-to-do and intellectual clients. Design should represent a symbiosis of harmony, beauty and freedom and should not be constricted by rules.

Designers :

Alberto Basaglia,
Alessandro Busana,
Manuela Busetti,
Michele Cazzaniga,
Claudio Dondoli,
Odoardo Fioravanti,
Andrea Garuti,
Cristian Gori,
Patrick Jouin,
Daniele Lo,
Scalzo Mascheri,
Simone Mandelli,
Maurizio Manzoni,
Antonio Pagliarulo,
Jorge Pensi,
Marco Pocci,
Mattco Redaclli,
Natalia Rota,
Nodari Marc Sadler,
Roberto Semprini,
Roberto Tapinassi,
Pio& Tito Toso.