Outdoor Furniture & Rugs in Special Materials.
Made in Italy. Since 1994.


Product group :
Seating, Relaxing, Tables, Storage / Shelving, Lounge Area, Garden Seating,
Garden Tables, Garden Lounge, Sunshades, Outdoor Textiles, Outdoor
Flooring, Carpets.

Paola Lenti background in graphic design gives each product a sense of equilibrium, proportion, clarity and coherence between signs and messages transmitted are all skills that are paramount in graphic design. These skills are then transferred to the design, production and branding of the Paola Lenti brand. Lenti uses high quality contemporary, technologically-advanced textiles to create unique pieces (and rugs) for casual contemporary elegant living.

Designers :

Bestetti Associati,
Victor Carrasco, 
Marten Claesson,
Claesson Koivisto Rune
Eliana Gerotto,
Eero Koivisto,
Paola Lenti,
Francesco Rota,
Ola Rune,
Axel Russmeyer,
Patricia Urquiola,
Vincent van Duysen