Handcrafted Bull Leather Upholstery.
Made in Italy. Since 1989.


Product group :
Armchairs, Sofas, Storage Units, Bookcases, Chairs, Tables, Side
Tables, Coffee Tables, Storage / Shelving, Beds and Bedroom
Furniture, Rugs, Lighting & other Complementary Furniture.

Started with traditional British style. Evolved to fashionable eclectic design with a modern twist. Examples are using vintage Italian design furniture furnished with new colors, materials and prints. Over the course of its history, Baxter has succeeded in developing a hallmark style concept based on the finest leather and the excellent workmanship of its products. It is therefore considered a unique brand devoted to a sophisticated clientele which appreciates contemporary luxury and moods that are consistently new and amazing.

Designers :

Paola Navone
Dredge and Aurel
Matteo Thun
Antonio Rodriguez
Cristophe Delcourt
Giuseppe Manzoni
Marco Milisich
Piero Lissoni
Doriana Fuksas
Roberto Lazzeroni
Vincenzo De Cotiis
Baxter P.